The Next Generation of Cherokee County

As all the kids in Cherokee County gear up for new school year, many throughout the community are joining together to make this an amazing year of opportunities for our local students. Murphy Electric Power Board stepped up to the plate in a big way to help Murphy Elementary School go from #goodtobetter. Hiwassee Dam has a fresh new coat of paint and community sponsors have been assigned to classrooms at Andrews Elementary to welcome students back as well.

These improvements are sure to give the students a sense of pride as they return to school, but the efforts to make this an amazing year don’t stop there. Dr. Jeana Conley, Superintendent of Cherokee County Schools shared about the new Super Snack Program and all the great tips to help make this a great school year around 8:00 into this WKRK Facebook live video:

Skip to 3:30
WKRK Facebook Live with Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce & Dr. Jeana Conley

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