Better to Give than Receive: Keeping it Local

The old saying “It is better to give than receive” is remembered by many of us. Taught to us by our parents, teachers, clergy, and hopefully example. For myself having served on the board of our area United Way I have learned a thing or two about giving and generosity. It is truly uplifting to realize that some of your time and resources has and will benefit so many. And in case you did not know; all donations to the United Way of Cherokee & Clay Counties stays right here. That’s right, what you donate benefits the people of Cherokee and Clay County. People you see every day and probably in many instances do not know their need. That is what is means to be a good neighbor, a good citizen, an example.

I have taken the liberty of including a letter sent to me by Karen L. Borchers, Ed.D. Executive Director of the United Way of Cherokee & Clay Counties. Karen is a truly selfless individual who has served this organization tirelessly for many years. Please take a moment to read this.

Dear Friend, As our 50th anniversary year draws to a close, we think gratefully of the many caring people, companies, businesses, and organizations who have provided hope and help over the years to those in our community who needed food, shelter, protection from abuse, counseling, parenting education, and other important services provided by the non-profit agencies which the United Way helps to support with the donations it receives. Our 50th anniversary year has been an eventful one. In March, we sponsored a Youth Summit, bringing representatives of the student governments from five high schools in Cherokee and Clay Counties together to receive their input on issues affecting youth. In April, we held our Fifth “Live United” Gala fund-raiser, combined with a 50th birthday party Attendees and honorees included many of the people who have made a difference in our community during the past 20 years through their support of and involvement with the United Way. July marked the 12th year of the “Stuff-a-Bus” project through which backpacks and school supplies are provided to students. About 500 children in Cherokee and Clay Counties received supplies to start the school year off right. During the past six months, I have been working closely with some of our partner agencies in applying for grants. One of the grants received will provide $80,000 to the Clay County Food Pantry and Matt’s Ministry Food Pantry for food and other items geared to the nutritional, dietary, and hygiene needs of seniors (including items such as Ensure and Depends), and to deliver food to seniors who are physically unable to get to the food pantries. And in October, the Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce presented a beautiful crystal award to the United Way as “2019 Organization of the Year”! For 50 years, the mission of the United Way of Cherokee and Clay Counties has been to help the people of Cherokee and Clay Counties by supporting, strengthening, and expanding the network of human services in our counties. We hope you will help through your contribution to the United Way in 2020. Warm wishes to you for a Merry Christmas and a good year ahead. Sincerely, Karen L. Borchers, Ed.D. Executive Director

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you feel that you are able to assist please follow this link to contact Karen.

Blessing in the New Year Sherry Raines, Executive Director of the Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce


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